*    Standardization of mapping of cryosphere region in the Himalayas

*  Standardization in measurement and assessment of mass balance of benchmark glaciers and cryospheric regions within national boundary

*    In field measurement of climatic parameters

*   Palaeoclimatic reconstruction for better understanding of magnitude and frequency of past climate and future modeling.

*    Impact of snow cover and cryosphere changes on cryosphere itself, river regime and society as a result.

*  To investigate, assess and measure changes in Cryosphere cover due to climate change on standardized format.

*    To build on the field data repository on climate and Cryosphere changes over space and time.

*    To comprehend the impact of such changes on human and ecological regimes with special emphases on the Himalayan Rivers.

*    To build state-of-art laboratories to achieve the above goals in each of the partner institutions.

*      Terrain Mapping

*      Assessment of GHG & Black Carbon Impact on Glacial Melt

*      Modeling the contribution of Snow, Glacier and Rainfall to the stream flow

*      Mass Balance study of Benchmark glaciers

*      Societal Resilience and Adaptability

Only Design adopted from NOAA; Decl: Dr. Rakesh Arya